March 1, 2019

Grant supercharges Mankato’s defibrillator supply

By Karl Oestreich

Mankato Free Press
by Brian Arola

After collapsing at work in September, Dennis Moe said he’s thankful the responding police officer had an automated external defibrillator in his vehicle to jolt his heart back into rhythm. “The police officer must’ve been fairly close because he used the AED to zap me and get me back going again,” he said. Not all police Mankato Free Press Logoand fire vehicles in Mankato have the devices, but a new grant from Mayo Clinic Health System will change that. The city of Mankato received $40,000 in matching funds from the health system Tuesday, which will help provide about 40 additional AEDs. Director of Public Safety Todd Miller said the funding will improve survival rates… Dr. James Hebl, Mayo Clinic Health System’s regional vice president, said every passing minute counts when someone is experiencing a cardiac arrest. “For every minute a patient who is experiencing a heart attack outside the hospital goes without a shock, their survival rate drops by between 7 and 10 percent, which is why automated defibrillators are so critically important,” he said.

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Context:  Jame Hebl, M.D. is a Mayo clinic Health System regional vice president and a Mayo Clinic anesthesiologist.

Contact: Amanda Dyslin

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