March 8, 2019

What women can do to fight ‘menopause belly

By Kelley Luckstein

Star Tribune

By Connie Nelson

Dr. Ekta Kapoor describes what she does in simple terms: “I take care of midlife women,” she said. Her approach is multifaceted. An endocrinologist at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Kapoor also is an assistant professor of medicine at the Women’s Health Clinic with special interest in menopause, obesity and Star Tribune Logomenopausal hormone therapy. When she began her practice, she was sometimes frustrated by how little emphasis was placed on menopause, especially since, given increasing longevity, women can now spend more than a third of their lives in menopause. But while women’s health in general and menopause in particular were once ignored and understudied, “That’s changing now,” she said. “And I’m so glad to be a part of it.” We talked to Kapoor about treating hot flashes, the return of hormone replacement therapy and the dreaded menopause belly.

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Context: This story is part of an ongoing series that Connie Nelson writes and features Mayo experts. Dr. Ekta Kapoor is an endocrinologist specializing in women’s health. Her interests include: lipid and body weight composition changes in menopause and the effect of hormone replacement, obesity and metabolic syndrome in women, fatty acid metabolism in the splanchnic circulation and cardiovascular health of postmenopausal women. You can learn more about Dr. Kapoor’s interests here.

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