March 15, 2019

Chief wellness officer role at the center of effort to reduce burnout

By Karl Oestreich

Modern Healthcare
by Maria Castellucci

“We know that there are a whole variety of local things that leaders can implement to help reduce the work stress and improve efficiency,” said Dr. Liselotte Dyrbye, a researcher of burnout and physician well-being at Mayo Clinic who co-developed the Well-Being Index, a tool marketed to healthcare organizations as a way to measure burnout among clinical staff…Dyrbye at Mayo Clinic said an essential first step for chief wellness officers is to assess the burnout and stress levels within their organizations because that will guide where solutions should be directed.

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Context: The good news is that physician burnout appears to be improving, along with indicators for physician well-being. However, physicians remain at high risk for burnout, depression and depersonalization, compared to other professionals. Those are the updated findings from Mayo Clinic researchers and their collaborators that are published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings. “This is good news. It shows that burnout is being addressed nationally and programs are having some impact,” says Lotte Dyrbye, M.D., Mayo Clinic researcher and senior author of the paper. “Clearly more organizational change and more research is needed to sustain this trajectory.” You can read more about the study on Mayo Clinic News Network.

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