May 17, 2019

Mayo Clinic Expands Deeper Into Worksite Care With New Partner

By Karl Oestreich

by Bruce Japsen

The Mayo Clinic is partnering with Premise Health to improve healthcare for workers at large companies that already receive Premise’s primary care, occupational health and pharmacy services at its wellness centers. Premise is focused on primary care and wellness services to self-insured employers so the arrangement with Mayo will add the noted clinic’s proprietary digital products and related services for more accurate diagnosis and treatment, particularly when it comes to more specialized care.

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Context:  Mayo Clinic and Premise Health, a direct health care company that provides primary care, occupational health, pharmacy and other services to large employers, have announced that they will collaborate to enhance health care delivery for Premise members and their families.

The two organizations will collaborate on initiatives to increase access to quality care, enhance the patient experience, and lower overall health care costs. Through a Center of Excellence approach, they will work to deliver access to Mayo Clinic. This is especially vital for those patients with high-cost and high-risk diagnoses, and those who have been unable to find answers from other medical providers. By offering a path for rapid evaluation, accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment for these people, Mayo Clinic and Premise Health will help them get the care they need, and avoid misdiagnoses, complications and duplication of care. You can read more about the collaboration on Mayo Clinic News Network.

Contact: Duska Anastasijevic

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