May 17, 2019

Mayo Clinic neurosurgeons get real-time feedback from alert surgery patients

By Karl Oestreich

AZ Family
by Heidi Goitia

It's one thing to need brain surgery, it's quite another to know that you will be awake for part of the operation. But that's what doctors at the Mayo Clinic are doing because they say it gives them real time feedback on what's working and what isn't. Dr. Bernard R. Bendok is the Chair of Neurosurgery. "As far as we know, the human brain is the most amazing complex computer in the universe, we’ve yet to encounter anything more sophisticated and more capable," he said.

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Context: Bernard Bendok, M.D. is a Mayo Clinic neurosurgeon. Dr. Bendok's research team is focused on innovations that can improve surgical safety and outcomes and enhance quality of life for people who have neurovascular diseases or strokes. The focus of Dr. Bendok's laboratory is on innovation of surgical methods and devices, clinical trials, mathematical modeling of neurovascular diseases, and patient-specific simulation.

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