May 24, 2019

Heart disease deaths in middle-aged women on the rise

By Karl Oestreich

NBC News
by Sara G. Miller

Middle-aged adults are “losing ground,” said Dr. Sharonne Hayes, a cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, who was not involved with the CDC report. And this is not the first time such findings have been reported; there have been hints for years. “We’ve got to stop patting ourselves on the back” about the decreasing rates of heart disease deaths, Hayes told NBC News. “We’ve taken our feet off the gas pedal.”

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Context: Sharrone Hayes, M.D. is a Mayo Clinic cardiologist. Dr. Hayes has over 25 years of experience in treating complex heart and blood vessel conditions in the Women's Heart Clinic, Pericardial Diseases Clinic and general consultative cardiovascular medicine in both the hospital and outpatient settings.

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