May 24, 2019

Meditation gardens herald Mind Matters opening

By Karl Oestreich

by Anne Halliwell

Bruce Sutor, a psychiatrist at Mayo Clinic, hopes the exhibit will encourage people to seek treatment for their mental health. “The more we can do to normalize it, to say that people with mental illnesses don’t have character defects, that these are medical illnesses that manifest itself as mood and behavior sorts of things — the more we can normalize it in people’s minds, the more people will be able to seek out care early and get the help they need,” he said. “But I do think that there still are a lot of misconceptions about mental illness that keep people from seeking help.” The misconception that depression and other mental illnesses are character defects, instead of medical conditions, can keep people from seeking care, Sutor said.

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Context: Bruce Sutor, M.D. is a Mayo Clinic psychiatrist. A new, interactive exhibit focused on raising awareness about mental health will open May 25 at Rochester Art Center. "Mental Health: Mind Matters," hosted by Mayo Clinic, and presented by Olmsted Medical Center and Rochester Area Foundation, will create a safe space for important conversations about mental illness. You can read more on Mayo Clinic News Network.

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