June 14, 2019

New headgear helps lessen hair loss from chemotherapy

By Karl Oestreich

Mankato Free Press
by Brian Arola

Hair loss has long been a price patients reluctantly pay for some cancer treatment. The side effect of chemotherapy makes an already stressful process even more difficult. Some hair loss could be staved off, however, by wearing a new type of headgear now available in Mankato. Mayo Clinic Health System has added “cool cap therapy” at its Mankato, New Prague and Fairmont facilities. The helmet-like cap, which circulates cold liquid to cool the scalp, is worn before, during and after each chemotherapy session.

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Context: Mayo Clinic Health System offers a team of experts who focus on the diagnosis, assessment and treatment of various types of cancer. Amrit Singh, M.B.B.S. is a Mayo hematalogist and oncologist.

Contact: Amanda Dyslin

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