June 14, 2019

This woman’s lower back pain turned out to be a rare kidney disorder

By Karl Oestreich

Reader’s Digest Canada
by Lisa Bendall

…Nephrologist Andrew Rule ascertained from additional blood tests that Samantha’s kidneys were losing function rapidly; he guessed that something could be causing inflammation of her glomeruli, networks of tiny blood vessels in the kidneys that help filter waste. Rule ordered new tests to look for possible causes, such as lupus, and gave Samantha a high-dose steroid to control inflammation. “Time is critical for kidneys,” he says. “If they stop working, they may not come back.”

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Context: Andrew Rule, M.D., is a Mayo Clinic internist and nephrologist. Dr. Rule's research is focused on the epidemiology of chronic kidney disease. This involves the development and validation of novel methods to assess kidney function and morphology across the spectrum of health and disease.

Contact: Rhoda Fukushima Madson

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