June 19, 2019

EXCLUSIVE: New dad celebrates his first Father’s Day with infant son after discovering a BRAIN TUMOR was behind his and his wife’s year-long infertility struggle

By Karl Oestreich

Daily Mail
by Mary Kekatos

For a year, Derin Gebhardt and his wife, Sandra, tried every took and trick in the book to have a baby, religiously using a basal body thermometer to track ovulation and keeping an eagle-eye on Sandra's menstrual cycle - but with no luck.  Meanwhile, Derin's physique was changing, inexplicably. He was a volunteer firefighter, and devout to eating only his home-cooked meals, yet Derin's active, nutritious lifestyle was doing nothing to stop him from gaining weight...The couple sought treatment at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona, where doctors first prescribed Derin medication to shrink the tumor, and then performed surgery to remove it.

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Context: You can read and view more about Derin Gebhardt's story on Mayo Clinic News Network.

Pituitary tumors are abnormal growths that develop in your pituitary gland. Some pituitary tumors result in too many of the hormones that regulate important functions of your body. Some pituitary tumors can cause your pituitary gland to produce lower levels of hormones.

Most pituitary tumors are noncancerous (benign) growths (adenomas). Adenomas remain in your pituitary gland or surrounding tissues and don't spread to other parts of your body. You can read more here.

Pituitary tumors often go undiagnosed because their symptoms resemble those of other conditions. And some pituitary tumors are found because of medical tests for other conditions. You can learn more about diagnosis and treatment here.

Contacts: Sharon Theimer, Jim McVeigh

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