June 27, 2019

The Mayo Clinic: looks like a hotel, but this is the best hospital in the world – and it’s opening its doors in London

By Karl Oestreich

by Sarah Knapton

The unassuming city of Rochester, Minnesota is arguably the  best place in the world to suffer a heart attack. While just one in 10 Britons survive a cardiac arrest if it happens outside of a hospital in the UK, collapse in the small Minnesotan metropolis and your chances of living rise to an impressive 68 per cent. Why? Because it is the home of the Mayo Clinic, the sprawling hospital and research complex regularly named the best in the world, which treats 1.3 million patients each year from 136 countries.

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Context: Mayo Clinic, the University of Oxford, and Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have signed an agreement to work together, driving advances in medical research and patient care. This agreement will underpin collaboration in all areas of innovation. Mayo Clinic and Oxford will also share space in London, where an independent business subsidiary has been formed to operate a clinic opening early late 2019. You can read more here.

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