July 5, 2019

Sleeping pills and planes: Embarrassing tales from 35,000 feet

By Karl Oestreich

by Sandee LaMotte

…The streaker was a sleepwalking economy passenger who had taken off all his clothes and decided to run up the aisle to first class. According to the story, he was stopped by flight attendants and told to don his clothes; he only realized his humiliating exploit when he later woke with his underwear in his hand. Flight attendants told similar stories to Mayo Clinic sleep specialist Dr. Lois Krahn during her research on inflight substance use and jet lag. Krahn tells her patients one disconcerting tale as a warning about the potential dangers of sleeping aids, especially if combined with alcohol. "This trans-Pacific and business class passenger mixed alcohol and Ambien and then woke needing to relieve himself," Krahn said. "He stood up and urinated on the passenger sitting next to him.

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Context: Lois Krahn M.D. is a Mayo Clinic sleep medicine physician. For the past 20 years her clinical and research interests have been in the area of sleep medicine with a special focus on narcolepsy. Recently her research has examined the role of wearable monitoring device, the sleep environment, and novel therapeutic agents for excessive daytime sleepiness.

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