August 1, 2019

Why a woman’s sex life declines after menopause (Hint: Sometimes it’s her partner)

By Karl Oestreich

New York Times
by Tara Parker-Pope

“We know that menopause seems to have a bad effect on libido, vaginal dryness and sexual pain,” said Dr. Stephanie Faubion, director of the Mayo Clinic Center for Women’s Health in Rochester, Minn. “But what is coming up as a consistent finding is that the partner has such a prominent role. It’s not just the availability of the partner — it’s the physical health of the partner as well.”… Dr. Faubion, who is also medical director for the North American Menopause Society, notes that treatments are available to help women with vaginal dryness and painful sex. In addition, two libido drugs have been approved to help increase female desire.

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Context: Stephanie Faubion, M.D. is director of the Bill and Penny George Center for Women’s Health at Mayo Clinic. Dr. Faubion has a broad interest in women's health. Dr. Faubion's research encompasses sex- and gender-based differences in disease, menopause, hormone therapy, healthy aging, and sexual health and dysfunction in women.

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