September 12, 2019

Let’s bring menopause out of the shadows

By Karl Oestreich

MPR News
by Julie Siple and Angela Davis

Angela Davis sat down for a conversation about what happens to a woman’s body in the years around menopause, and what women can do about it... Dr. Stephanie Faubion, director of Mayo Clinic’s Center for Women’s Health, current medical director of the North American Menopause Society, and medical editor of the book, “The Menopause Solution.” She regularly treats women with menopause-related conditions.

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Context: Stephanie Faubion, M.D., is the the Bill and Penny George Director of the Center for Women’s Health at Mayo Clinic. As a clinician who has practiced in the Women's Health Clinic at Mayo Clinic for over 10 years and has evaluated and treated women with menopausal, hormonal and sexual health concerns, Dr. Faubion has a broad interest in women's health. Dr. Faubion's research encompasses sex- and gender-based differences in disease, menopause, hormone therapy, healthy aging, and sexual health and dysfunction in women.

Contact: Heather Carlson Kehren

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