November 1, 2019

‘The Opioid Fix’ explores loss and renewal in wake of epidemic

By Karl Oestreich

by Paul John Scott

Pairing medicine so starkly with death like this is decidedly off-brand for the ordinarily cautious institutions behind "The Opioid Fix," Mayo Clinic and the Twin Cities public television broadcaster TPT. But it's entirely fitting for the towering problem at hand. The opioid epidemic is a public health crisis like no other, a plague straddling the worlds of pharmaceutical marketing and the global drug trade, a medical misadventure, bellwether of our socio-economic disparities, and, as the film makes clear, a genie we have only begun to put back in the bottle.

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Context: The word “epidemic” is often used when describing the impact of opioid use in the US. This series explores education, prevention and solutions surrounding efforts to combat the devastating consequences of this crisis. The series is produced by TPT and Mayo Clinic.

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