November 7, 2019

How to stay healthy while traveling during the holidays

By Karl Oestreich

Washington Post
by Natalie B. Compton

The secret to staying healthy during the holidays is no secret at all: Wash your hands. It’s the most important thing you can do while traveling, and it’s good form year-round, but particularly important in the winter. “Our hands are the interface between ourselves and the rest of the world,” says Gina Suh, a specialist in infectious diseases at the Mayo Clinic. “In other words, our hands touch all these surfaces that are full of germs, and then we touch our own face and mucosal surfaces — such as our mouth, nose, eyes — way more than you would even notice. Most people touch their face many times in any given minute, and that can transmit illness.”

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Context: Gina Suh, M.D. is a Mayo Clinic Infectious Diseases specialist with expertise in the field of musculoskeletal infectious diseases. 

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