November 21, 2019

Mayo Clinic Health System introduces telestroke technology to inpatient setting

By Karl Oestreich

La Crosse Tribune
by Emily Pyrek

Eight years after introducing telestroke services in its La Crosse emergency rooms, Mayo Clinic Health System is bringing the technology into the inpatient setting, offering a new opportunity for collaborative care. Mayo Clinic, which has utilized telestroke for nearly 90,000 patients across 30 Mayo Clinic Hospitals nationwide, brought the multipresence, data-encrypted telestroke system to the main hospital area in mid-October, where it is likely to be used less frequently but with perhaps even greater purpose.

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Context: In telestroke, doctors who have advanced training in the nervous system (neurologists) remotely evaluate people who've had acute strokes and make diagnoses and treatment recommendations to emergency medicine providers at other sites. Doctors communicate using digital video cameras, internet telecommunications, robotic telepresence, mobile devices and other technologies. You can learn more here.

Contact: Rick Thiesse

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