February 7, 2020

Clearing the air

By Karl Oestreich

Rochester Magazine
by Steve Lange

A tiny lab in a Mayo Clinic basement could define the future of vaping.

Here is the basement of the Stabile building -- just a few dozen feet away from a group of smokers and vapers standing outside of Dooley's -- Dr. Jon Ebbert is force-feeding and e-cigarette to a machine called a CSM.

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Context: Jon Ebbert, M.D. is a Mayo Clinic community internal medicine phjysician and is associate director of Mayo's Nicotine Dependence Center. His research focuses on the promotion of a healthy lifestyle through the treatment of substance use and abuse. Dr. Ebbert is particularly interested in the assessment and treatment of tobacco dependence and the development of novel therapeutic and pharmacological approaches to treat tobacco dependence.

Contact: Emily Blahnik

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