February 14, 2020

Mayo Clinic Health System unveils new facility in Fairmont

By Karl Oestreich

KEYC Mankato
by Gage Cureton

The Mayo Clinic Health System in Fairmont unveiled its new and expanded cardiac rehab center Tuesday which allows for increased patient care capacity. With the new cardiac rehab center, which is over double the size of the old facility, patients can be seen in a more timely fashion. “This is wonderful. The other one was kind of a athletic sweatbox almost. It was about a third of the size I’d say to be accurate. They would have several of us in their at the time and when we were all on the machines it was cramped and close together. This is going to be a great improvement for everybody,” says former patient Don McGregor.

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Reach: KEYC-12, is a Fox and CBS affiliate which broadcasts from Mankato, Minn.

Context: The new Cardiac Rehab facility is helping meet the increased demand for cardiac patients to manage their heart health and recovery close to home. The new facility is over five times its original size and includes:

  • 1,771 square feet, allowing for better patient comfort and increased patient privacy
  • Eight pieces of exercise equipment, including a new treadmill, recumbent bicycle and arm ergometer
  • Improved space to complete strength training exercises
  • A designated staff office area with increased privacy for patient care consultations
  • Two changing rooms, a bathroom, lockers, a patient treatment room and a waiting area
  • Increased patient care capacity, allowing for future growth for cardiac and pulmonary rehab programs
  • A new walking path in the gym where respiratory patients can perform walking tests and oxygen tests

You can read more about the facility here.

Contact: Amanda Dyslin

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