February 14, 2020

Saving lives: Mayo Clinic transportation unit

By Karl Oestreich


Every crash or medical emergency is different and so is the response that is taken. Whether on the ground or in the air, Mayo Clinic has a variety of fleets waiting to help, but what goes into making that call? "A lot of times the vehicle that we are taking matches the weather, so if we're in a ground ambulance it's likely we weren't able to fly in the helicopter somewhere," said Tricia Riggott a Flight Paramedic with Mayo Clinic Ambulance Service. However, the care doesn't just stop with the helicopter. Mayo provides a high level of patient care in all vehicles and it doesn't matter where.

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Context: Mayo Clinic Ambulance Service — air ambulance — Licensed airplane and helicopter ambulances flown by professional pilots and staffed with highly trained paramedics, nurses, respiratory therapists, pediatric and neonatal specialists, perfusionists, and physicians who provide care to people with complex health conditions from scenes of injury and during transfer from hospital to hospital. Mayo Clinic Ambulance Service ground transport is an advanced life support service that provides high-quality emergency medical care at the scene of traumatic or medical emergencies, and during transport to and between medical facilities. Mayo Clinic Ambulance Service ground operations respond to more than 70,000 emergency calls for service each year.

Contacts: Glenn Lyden, Heather Carlson Kehren

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