March 13, 2020

Clinic aims to help parents and kids deal with concussions

By Kelley Luckstein
ABC affiliate, channel 15 in Arizona

Arizona ABC 15
by Nohelani Graf

The doctors at Mayo like to refer to it as the "Return to Play Clinic" to help set positive goals for injured athletes. Specialists there help patients regain their balance, motor function, thinking skills, and they work to reshape how we prioritize brain health. "We all trust every time we drop her kid off on the sideline or anywhere that surely there's somebody here that knows CPR but concussions kind of get missed," said Dr. Jennifer Wethe, one of the clinic's neurophysiologists.

Reach: Channel 15, is an ABC-affiliated television station located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Context: Dr. Jennifer Wethe is a neurophysiologist, with interests in concussion, acquired brain injury (TBI, stroke, brain tumor, etc.), cognitive rehabilitation among other interests.

Contact: Jim McVeigh

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