March 25, 2013

Fewer blood pressure screens may be more effective

By Logan Lafferty Logan Lafferty (@loganlafferty)

Blood pressure measurements are often taken without following proper procedure, according to lead study author Dr. Gregory Garrison, so the readings can be widely inaccurate and lead to some people being wrongly diagnosed with hypertension, while others who have the condition are written off as just “more false positives.” “One, it results in unnecessary patient […]

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July 13, 2012

Medical Edge: Condition Causes Significant Drop in Blood Pressure Upon Standing

By Mystery User

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: My mother is 62 and has had very low blood pressure for two years. She was hospitalized with blood pressure that dropped from 200/78 in bed to 60/40 sitting up. What could be causing this and what can be done to treat her?   Chicago Tribune by John Graves, M.D., Nephrology/Hypertension, Mayo […]

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May 25, 2012

Mayo Clinic in the News Weekly Highlights

By Mystery User

May 25, 2012 Mayo Clinic in the News is a weekly highlights summary of major media coverage. If you would like to be added to the weekly distribution list, send a note to Emily Blahnik with this subject line: SUBSCRIBE to Mayo Clinic in the News. Thank you. Karl Oestreich, manager enterprise media relations oestreich.karl@mayo.edu […]

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May 23, 2012

Sleep Apnea Treatment May Prevent Hypertension

By Mystery User

Sleep apnea may prove to be a treatable cause of high blood pressure, according to research released today that suggests wearing a special breathing mask at night may protect apnea patients from the hypertension. Most people think of obstructive sleep apnea as a snoring disorder. Although many sufferers snore, apnea is characterized by short episodes […]

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March 20, 2012

People Who Feel Dizzy When They Stand Up More Likely to Develop Heart Failure

By Mystery User

Ever feel lightheaded or dizzy from standing up too quickly? According to a new study, you might be more likely to suffer from heart failure…People experiencing orthostatic hypotension should speak with their doctor to see if a more serious underlying health problem – such as heart failure or dehydration – is the cause, according to […]

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August 26, 2009

Hypertension Linked to Thinking Problems in Middle Age

By Kelley Luckstein Kelley Luckstein (@KelleyLuckstein)

High blood pressure is linked to loss of mental function in people over 45, a new study finds.   “A number of other studies have looked at the relationship between blood pressure and cognitive function,” said George Howard, chairman of the department of biostatistics at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health, […]

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