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June 1, 2012

Alternatives to the Nursing Home for Aging or Ailing Parents

By Mystery User

In this week’s TIME cover story, “The Long Goodbye” (available to subscribers here), journalist Joe Klein writes about managing the care of his ailing parents, both of whom suffered from dementia, until their deaths last winter eight weeks apart. He spent “five months as a death panel for both my mother and my father,” Klein […]

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Tags: dementia, Dr. Gregory Hanson, hospice care, palliative care, TIME

February 27, 2012

Mayo Clinic internist: Can you die of a broken heart?

By Mystery User

Dr. Gregory Hanson is a Mayo Clinic internist with specialty interests in geriatric and palliative medicine. “I think if you want to say a broken heart is, I’m not taking care of myself because I’m so sad, and down, I’m not eating right, I’m not taking my medications, I’m not getting out — all those […]

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Tags: broken heart, Dr. Gregory Hanson, geriatric and palliative medicine

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