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January 13, 2010

Top Medical Breakthroughs of 2009

By Kelley Luckstein Kelley Luckstein

It was the year we were inundated with information about health care—mostly political chatter…2009 delivered remarkable advances in actual medicine 5. Predict Heart Attack or Stroke, Breakthrough: Endo-PAT device…   Now, a device that clips onto your finger can tell by sensing lack of elasticity of your blood vessel lining, a condition called endothelial dysfunction. […]

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November 10, 2009

The electric thimble that detects the signs of heart disease YEARS before you feel ill…

By Kelley Luckstein Kelley Luckstein

We all know we should probably eat more healthily, take more exercise and cut back on alcohol, but unless there’s something obviously wrong, most of us blithely carry on…   The Endo-Pat consists of two thimble-sized sensors that are placed over the index fingers to detect irregularities in blood flow. The device is made in […]

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Tags: Endo-Pat, heart disease

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