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February 23, 2012

Birmingham Head and Brain Injury Lawyer Says Study Highlights Need to Take Symptoms Seriously

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Birmingham head and brain injury lawyer Keith T. Belt Jr. said today that he hopes a recent Mayo Clinic study will help to improve diagnosis and treatment for accident victims. The study, recently published in Epidemiology, looked at a new system for classifying injuries caused by force to the head. Using this system, the study […]

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Tags: CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, epidemiology, Keith T. Belt Jr., new system for classifying head injuries, TBI, traumatic brain injury

February 17, 2012

Traumatic Brain Injuries are Likely More Common Than Previously Thought

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Though researchers are becoming increasingly aware of the long-term effects of head injury, few studies have looked at the prevalence of traumatic brain injury (TBI) in all age groups…In a recent study published in Epidemiology, Mayo Clinic researchers applied a new, refined system for classifying injuries caused by force to the head and found that […]

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Tags: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, classifying injuries, epidemiology, head injury, TBI, traumatic brain injury

January 26, 2012

With Age, Men May Lose Thinking Ability Faster Than Women

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Men are more apt than women to lose thinking ability as they age, according to new research. And that mild cognitive impairment often leads to dementia. But people can reduce their risk of mild cognitive impairment by staying healthy and educated, according to Rosebud Roberts, a professor of epidemiology at the Mayo Clinic who led […]

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Tags: dementia, epidemiology, mild cognitive impairment, Rosebud Roberts

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