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November 9, 2018

After denial, obese man receives liver transplant

By Karl Oestreich Karl Oestreich (@KarlWOestreich)

KARE 11 by Adrienne Broaddus He weighed 480 pounds. His liver wasn’t working, and his kidneys were failing, too. But because a Twin Cities man was obese, he says doctors denied putting him on a list for a liver transplant that would save his life. Scott St. Michel, 58, was diagnosed with NASH. It is […]

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Tags: Dr. Julie Heimbach, KARE 11, liver transplant, NASH, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, Scott St. Michel

April 17, 2013

Scarring May Raise Death Risk From Fatty Liver Disease

By Logan Lafferty Logan Lafferty (@loganlafferty)

Advanced fibrosis — or progressive scarring of the liver — is tied to higher death rates from a type of fatty liver disease found in people who drink little or no alcohol, according to a new study…”Our findings confirm that [nonalcoholic fatty liver disease] patients without advanced fibrosis do not have higher mortality risk,” lead […]

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Tags: advanced fibrosis, Dr. W. Kim Ray, fatty liver disease, HealthDay, liver scarring, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

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