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April 1, 2013

What do you know about ear infections? Take a quiz and find out

By Logan Lafferty

There is nothing worse than hearing your child cry in pain with an ear infection and wanting to do everything to help them. Oftentimes that means demanding antibiotics from your nurse practitioner, physician assistant or pediatrician. At the same time, the CDC, American Academy of Pediatrics, the World Health Organization and major news organizations have given considerable attention to […]

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Tags: American Academy of Pediatrics, antibiotic-resistant bugs, antibiotics, CDC, ear infection, NBC Latino, superbugs, World Health Organization

June 20, 2012

Diesel Engine Exhaust Labeled As Carcinogenic


Before this June, diesel engine exhaust was listed as a ‘possible carcinogen.’ Now the World Health Organization has classified the fumes as cancer causing. As semis roll down the road, there’s a new threat level when it comes to their emissions…Health experts say diesel engine exhaust is now in the same carcinogenic category as asbestos, […]

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Tags: bladder cancer, carcinogen, diesel engine exhaust, Dr. Stephen Campbell, KEYC Mankato, Lung Cancer, World Health Organization

April 15, 2012

More States Restricting Teens’ Access to Tanning Salons


With her prom at Staley High School two weeks away, 16-year-old Briana Traylor put on eye covers and hopped into a tanning bed in a Northland salon…These days Briana, a fair-skinned blonde, can use a tanning bed anytime she wants in Missouri without her parents’ permission. But Republican state Rep. Gary Cross of Lee’s Summit […]

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Tags: Gary Cross, melanoma, tanning bed ban, World Health Organization

March 1, 2012

Study: US elastography may best biopsy in diagnosis of liver fibrosis


Ultrasound-based transient elastography (TE) provides excellent diagnostic accuracy for detecting cirrhosis due to recurrent infection with hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection following liver transplantation, according to a study published in the March issue of Liver Transplantation. According to the World Health Organization, chronic HCV affects up to 170 million people worldwide and could lead to […]

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Tags: cirrhosis, HCV, hepatitis C virus, Jayant A. Talwalker, liver biopsy, liver transplantation, TE, ultrasound-based transient elastography, World Health Organization

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